Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prevent Nail Color Becomes Dull

Do you often take care of your nails? Yes, nails for most women is something that should always be clean. especially now that there is the nail tattoo that looks funny, there are tribal motifs, flowers, butterflies and others. Using nail polish and cleaning fluid too often can lead to nail color look dull or lose sparkle.

Thus, Robert Cleary, director of product development from Dashing Diva nail salon in New York, suggests a natural way to restore the natural sheen of the nail. If you usually try to cover up this dull color by applying clear nail polish, this time do scrubbing with lemon skin for one minute. Or soak nails in lemon juice. This fruit contains an oxidizing agent whose effects can brighten up your nails. Then at night before bed, massage the feet and hands nail area with a cream containing alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).

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