Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5 Foods That Can Trigger Heart Attacks

Heart attack affects many people. let alone the modern age now. Well, for that you need to know what foods that can trigger heart attacks. Fast food or some kind of junk food has long been known to cause accumulation of fat in the body, but not many are concerned that these foods also affect the heart.

These foods are rich in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol that can increase the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Here are five foods that can cause heart attacks :

1. Fried Chicken 
Fried food is a source of cholesterol and fat, but fried chicken seems quite healthy. Four pieces of fried chicken fast-food restaurant contains 920 calories, 63 grams fat and 350 mg of cholesterol.

Roasted chicken breast without skin is one of the most nutritious meat to eat. Contains 120 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 70 mg cholesterol, grilled chicken breasts can be a substitute for fried chicken menu is delicious and full of fat.

2. Sausage 
Sausage adverse effects on the arteries. Italian sausage contains 22 grams of fat with 8 grams of saturated fat and 810 mg of sodium each time baked. Replace it with smoked turkey sausage which contains only 110 calories, 6 grams of fat with 1.5 grams of saturated fat. 
3. Cheesecake 
Cheese cake lots of calories and fat intake with details of 860 calories, 57 grams fat, 80 grams of carbohydrates per slice. Although it looks very good, think twice before starting to pinch this cake.

If you really want to eat cheese cake, choose a plain with a content of 315 calories, 20 grams fat and 25 grams of carbohydrates. Although not a healthy choice, plain cheese is not too damaging the heart.

4. Steak 
A number of high saturated fat and cholesterol contained in red meat, especially in large quantities. Limiting consumption of beef sirloin or raw can provide 594 calories, 18.5 grams of fat with 6.8 grams of saturated fat, and 191 mg of cholesterol. If fried, calorie, cholesterol and salt will multiply. 

5. Burger 
Choosing the wrong burger can have a major impact for the heart. McDonald's Big Mac contains 540 calories, 29 grams fat, and 1040 mg of sodium. The best alternative is to replace ground beef for turkey breast contains 120 calories, 1 gram of fat without fat, and 28 grams of protein per four-ounce burger. Add pepper powder, a pinch of cayenne, and a pinch of salt 

Monday, December 26, 2011



Secrets of Longevity, Eat lots of Vegetables and Fish

Who would not want to live long? You definitely want it? ;)

In modern times, there are many ways you can do to live healthier and live longer. A healthy diet is one of the important influential factors. Of course, balanced with regular exercise. According to experts, eating vegetables and fish was found to extend up to 3 years of age.

The health benefits of diet is often called the Mediterranean diet has actually long been known, but recently scientists have studied the effects in the elderly by using a unique study to compare the diet and health of thousands of people aged 70 years. The study, known as H70 is done for 40 years. The result, the practice of emphasis on eating a Mediterranean diet of vegetables and fish may be the secret to longevity.

From this study it can be concluded there is no doubt that the Mediterranean diet is associated with better health benefits, not only for parents, but also for young adults, adolescents and children.  

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Increase Breast Size Without Plastic Surgery

All women would want to look beautiful and attractive. Many things women do to look attractive and beautiful, although in general, every woman is beautiful. But there are still many people who want to "dress" his body to make it look more attractive. One of the women who most often be repaired is the center of attention for the breasts.

Plastic surgery becomes an option how to get bigger breast size and dense. However, this option raises concerns in many women. Now, to get additional breast size, there are non-surgical alternatives that can be done. One non-surgical aesthetic techniques that can provide a natural appearance and satisfy the desire of each individual is with Macrolane. Macrolane filler techniques give volume to the desired body part, such as breast and make sure every individual to get results in accordance with her wishes.

Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid crystal gel that is formulated for breast augmentation, volume restoration, and improve the quality of the contours of the body. In general, Macrolane can be used for breast enlargement area, buttocks, calves, and to disguise scarring. Macrolane can be used to enlarge breast size to increase one cup for Asian women, and two cups for American women. But prior to this procedure, there must first pre-treatment and should be done by a specialist.

Macrolane is designed in variants for different levels of skin thickness of VRF 20 and VRF 30. Macrolane is naturally adapted after being injected in the area of ​​the body. This filler process only takes 60-90 minutes and results can be obtained immediately after processing.

Non-surgical plastic procedure requires a high cost with the result that would not be permanent. The technique of breast enlargement without cosmetic surgery is only survive for 12-18 months. Good care and lifestyle greatly influences the beauty of these artificial breasts.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Sleeping Position Affects The Digestive Health

Do you like to sleep all day? ;)

Well, it's time you know a good sleeping position for digestion.
A good sleep is 8 hours a day. When you lack sleep, your body will feel weak and sleepy. According to the doctor, if you want to sleep, it is advisable to eat at least 2 hours earlier. But if you want to sleep more quickly after eating, then you should know a good sleeping position to help digestion.

Food consumed before bedtime should not eat heavy, but enough snacks or light meals only. This is because eating before bedtime can cause problems during sleep and make the people do not rest comfortably. some specific sleeping position can help prevent heartburn and other sleep disorders in people who are forced to eat close to bedtime, example is : 
1. Elevate the head position
The experts recommend to raise your head above approximately 6-9 inches (15-22 cm). This condition can be done by inserting an additional cushion to help support the head.
This position uses gravity to reduce pain and discomfort associated with heartburn (discomfort in the abdomen), and to prevent back flow of stomach acid into the esophagus.
2. Leaning left facing
Studies conducted by the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia found sleeping on your side can prevent discomfort in the stomach at night. If you can not maintain the side sleeping position to the left all night, then try putting extra pillows in the back of the body to prevent the body back and forth.

Also for people with stomach disorders, sleep with the left facing position will make the connection between the stomach and esophagus does not open even though high levels of gastric acid

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hymen Can Be Torn Because Hard Shocks

For you women, this article may be helpful. :)

Hymen is is a fold of mucous membrane that covers the door of a woman's vagina lips. He has been there since the baby girl was born. Position is between one or two centimeters from the outer lips of the vagina and follow the form of spherical shape vagina. Then is that true that the hymen can be torn without having sex?

Because there may be a connection with the equestrian sports. However, the activity is quite heavy and requires high stamina is often considered dangerous for women. Until now, there are still many women who are afraid to ride for fear of damaging some of the sex organs, such as tearing the hymen to women who are not married.

"All that is not true, exercise is safe for women," said Rahmat as genitals doctors . Instead he argues, this exercise can actually help women to strengthen the bones around the waist and hips into the muscle belly. This exercise will also help the women to get a slim body shape and fuller. 

Fear of tearing of the hymen when riding a horse probably caused by the shock of the saddle that is too hard, or from falling from a horse. Actually the hymen is not always easily punctured by a sport that is quite heavy, because it actually has some level of the hymen elasticity, that is brittle, elastic, and very elastic.

Rahmat said that the sport is in desperate need of focus, concentration, and high body balance. When all these things have, the possibility of falling from a horse will be more thin. Basically, any activity if not done with proper technique would also be dangerous.  

Benefits Of Green Tea For Health

Do you like to drink green tea?

Besides it tastes delicious, green tea also has a good nutrient content for your health. Green tea is a type of tea made from leaves of Camellia sinensis only, which undergoes minimal oxidation during the manufacturing process. Green tea comes from China, and is associated with Eastern cultures.

Green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine content will be reduced proportional to the long soaking time and temperature of water used. In addition, green tea also contains theophylline and theobromine. Drinking green tea has long been associated with various health benefits. Some scientific studies also support this. A study conducted in Japan's Tohoku University in 2006 and listed in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that green tea can reduce mortality from cardiovascular disease.

However, green tea also has side effects, namely oxidative stress and liver toxicity at a particular dose, therefore it is not excessive in consuming green tea


Monday, December 19, 2011

Healthy Drinks That Help Burn Fat

For you who have problems with fat, maybe this article could help you. Have excessive fat is not good for health. Unhealthy diet is one factor contributing to the excess fat. Many people who avoid drinking water while undergoing a weight loss program because they thought that water could raise the numbers on the scale. But some of these healthy drinks can actually help speed up the body to burn fat.

Some healthy drinks can help you lose weight, it also helps in detoxification, providing essential nutrients or help to increase your metabolic rate. Healthy drinks can also help you burn fat without adding unnecessary calories. Here are some drinks that help burn fat

1. Green Tea
Green tea is the main option for dieters because it provides antioxidants and burn fat in different ways. One of the benefits of green tea is to keep cholesterol levels in your body to stay green baik.Teh contains polyphenol called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), an antioxidant that has been shown to increase thermogenesis (a process that helps convert calories into heat so it is not stored as fat).
Caffeine in green tea with EGCG works to provide a greater metabolic boost. EGCG in green tea also helps regulate blood sugar, slow spike insulin and fat storage after a meal. Adding 2-5 cups of iced or hot green tea can help you burn fat without consuming extra calories.

2. Coconut Water
One cup of coconut water contains about 50 calories and zero fat, and provides high amounts of essential nutrients. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium, making it ideal for rehydration after strenuous exercise.

Electrolyte content of coconut water is very similar to human blood and coconut water was used for emergency blood transfusions during World War II. Coconut water is also low in sugar and has been used for centuries as a beverage that provides energy and increases the metabolic rate. You are can drink pure coconut water, or add it to smoothies and fruit juices to boost energy. 

3. Low-fat Skim Milk
Dairy products contain high levels of calcium, which according to studies may prevent belly fat and increase metabolism. According to the University of Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, 1000 hingg consume 1200 milligrams of calcium per day may help prevent fat storage and may cause a higher metabolic rate.

One of the simplest ways to increase the weight loss is to drink lots of water every day. Study in 2010 which has been published in the journal Obesity showed that people who drink lots of water before a meal can lower more weight than people who do not drink the water. Water also helps you feel full and helps remove fat and toxins from the cells.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Risk of Wearing Eyelash Extensions

For teen girls, must know eyelash extensions. especially if you're attending a party or everyday work, eyelash extensions must be used. then the lashes will look beautiful and charming. So many types and shapes, make women want to wear it to look beautiful. but did you know, that there are risks and disadvantages when using eyelash extensions.

Well, recently a beauty surgeon, Dr. Bessam Farjo, said that lately he had a lot handling of patients with "bald" in the upper eyelashes due to the use of eyelash extensions. This relates to the use of recent trends lashes, lashes with the double layers. However, Dr Farjo said there are certain conditions that will cause damage to the original lashes.

"Hair loss on the original eyelashes caused by use of eyelash extensions will occur when you use the lashes all day, with double layers, and not release it properly," said Dr. Bessam Farjo.

When you do not properly clean up the adhesive glue, this glue can cause irritation of the eyelids when you sleep. When you want to clean it the next day, eyelashes and real hair around the eyelids will also uprooted some and will eventually ruin your appearance. If you use them properly, and clean it properly, and do not use it all day, then everything will be fine.

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Healthy Living by Reducing The Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

You must have heard what it was coronary heart disease?

In this article I will discuss what it is about coronary heart disease and its prevention. 

Coronary Artery Disease
/ coronary heart disease characterized by fatty deposits that gather in the cells lining the wall of a coronary artery and block blood flow.

Fatty deposits (atheroma or plaque) formed gradually and spread over a large divergence of the two main coronary arteries, which surrounds the heart and supply blood to the heart.
Atheroma formation process is called atherosclerosis.
Atheroma can protrude into the artery and causes the arteries to become narrow.
If the atheroma continues to enlarge, part of the atheroma may rupture and enter the bloodstream or blood clot may form on the surface of the atheroma.

To be able to contract and pump normally, the heart muscle (myocardium) requires a supply of oxygen-rich blood from the coronary arteries.
If a coronary artery blockage gets worse, it could happen ischemia (reduced blood supply) to the heart muscle, causing heart damage.

The main cause of myocardial ischemia is coronary artery disease.
The main complications of coronary artery disease is angina and heart attack (myocardial infarction).

artery disease can affect all races, but the highest incidence rate found in white people. But the race itself seems not an important factor in one's lifestyle.
Specifically, factors that increase the risk of coronary artery disease are:
- Diets rich in fat
- Smoke
- Lazy to exercise

Cholesterol and Coronary Artery Disease
The risk of
coronary artery disease increased in elevated levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood.
If an increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), then the risk of coronary artery disease will decrease.

Food affects the levels of total cholesterol and therefore food also affects the risk of coronary artery disease. Changing your diet (and if necessary take the drug from a doctor) can lower cholesterol levels. Lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol can slow or halt the progression of coronary artery disease.

Reduce levels of LDL are very big advantage for someone who has the following risk factors:
- Cigarette smoking
- High blood pressure
- Obesity
- Lazy exercise
- High triglyceride levels
- Descent
- Steroids male (androgens).

- Chest pain (angina). You may feel pressure or tightness in the chest, as if someone were standing on your chest. The pain, called angina, usually triggered by physical or emotional stress. It usually goes away within a few minutes after stopping the activity that causes pressure.
- Shortness of breath. If the heart can not pump enough blood to meet the needs of your body, you may experience shortness of breath or extreme fatigue without exertion.
- Heart attack. If a coronary artery becomes completely blocked, you may be experiencing a heart attack. Classic symptoms of a heart attack include chest suffocating pressure and pain in the shoulder or arm, sometimes with shortness of breath and sweating.

The risk of
coronary artery disease can be reduced by taking the following measures:
- Quit smoking
- Lowering blood pressure
- Losing weight
- Doing sports

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Healthy Living by Consuming Beer

Wow the title of my article sounds like fun right? ;)

But wait a minute,I'll explain why beer can be healthy for your body. Okay, I'll start from the origin of beer first.

Since the 5th century BC the Romans had drunk beer, then during the late Middle Ages in England, Beer used as a means of payment, even pay any taxes using beer. Beer is the stuff that many favored the American people, the progress of beer in America is very rapid. The first beer made ​​in America was recorded in 1587 on land owned by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Many men typically consume a cold beer while relaxing, chatting, hanging out with friends. It is said that most men choose with a bottle of cold beer while relaxing with friends than the company of women. Cold beer is always a choice to eliminate fatigue. A slightly bitter taste of beer and fresh make this popular drink, although an alcoholic beverage.

Well, some research results below show the beer has some great benefits for your health. Of course the origin taken within reasonable limits, not excessive and not drunk

Reduce the risk of heart disease
In many studies including those carried out by the epidemiology University of Muenster, drinking beer in moderate amounts can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

This is because alcohol triggers the levels of HDL or good cholesterol and reduce the risk of stiff or hardened blood vessels and blood curdling. Both of these things that trigger heart attacks.

Contain lots of Vitamin
According to a study in the Netherlands conducted by TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute, beer drinkers had 30% more levels of vitamin B6 in their blood than those who did not drink or two times the number of wine drinkers.

Preventing Nephrolithiasis or Renal Calculi
According to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that the risk of kidney stones fell 40% in those who drank beer in moderation, than people who do not drink beer. Unfortunately there has been no detailed explanation of what substance in the beer that lowers the risk.

Female longevity
Studies at Harvard, published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests drinking alcohol in moderation can improve mental adult women. While studies at Tufts University found that alcohol can maintain bone density. The content of bioflavonoids that exist in hops (the main ingredient of beer) has similarities with oestrogens, which serves as a natural hormone replacement in menopausal women.

Preventing cancer
While much research is looking for the benefits of beer to eradicate cancer, existing research shows xanthohumol, which is in hops, could help weaken certain enzymes that trigger cancer and suppress cancer-causing karsiogen. These substances are never tested for the treatment of prostate and colon cancer.
Right now you already know the benefits of drinking beer, right?. Remember, the consumption of beer with reasonable limits and does not make you drunk, then the beer can nourish your body.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Benefits of Apples to Strengthen Your Heart

The heart is the most important component in the body. Therefore we must keep the heart healthy. Many ways can be done to nourish the heart. For example, regular exercise, not smoking and fatty foods. However, one study found by eating an apple with the skin will become more heart healthy.

Fruit that looks beautiful and fresh it contains a number of nutrients that the body especially the heart. A recent study says eating an apple with the skin will impact more heart healthy and strong

Endotheliun a single cell layer lining the blood vessels and produces nitric oxide. Flavonoids are collectively known as vitamin P and cirtrin, the concentration that existed at the apple skin. This layer gives a different flavor to the fruit.

Nitric oxide signaling to the surrounding muscle to relax, which makes the blood vessels become more fluent blood flow. A study involving healthy volunteers group. They were given an apple without the skin, then an apple with the skin and vice versa. Then observed giving an apple for breakfast and lunch to measure the variation of the flavonoid in the bloodstream.

The results show that flavonoid-rich apples related to nitric oxide production and functions edothelial the factors that affect cardiovascular health. Because it is highly recommended to eat apples with the skin on a regular basis. In order to become more heart healthy and strong.

Vinegar Apples Can Reduce Appetite

Who does not like to consume apple cider vinegar? ;)

Apple is a fruit that has many benefits. In addition to strengthening your heart, and reduces the risk of stroke. Apparently fermented apples can reduce appetite. Apple vinegar is usually used as salad dressing. The smell and taste the acid can make delicious meals. Behind the sour taste there are a number of good properties for the body.

Despite the sour taste, apple vinegar is preferred and used by many people. Usually used to marinate meat, poultry and fish, and salad mix. Vinegar is also good for health.

Apple cider vinegar is a liquid fermented apples that have been known for hundreds of years BC. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, and even have used this vinegar around 400 BC. He also stated that cider vinegar is a good natural remedy for the body.

Apple cider vinegar is made from fresh ingredients cooked the fermented apples and through a rigorous process before becoming final product. Vinegar contains many vitamins, beta carotene, pectin and various other important minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, iron and fluorine.

With the nutrient content of many, these vinegars provide a variety of benefits for health problems, among others:

Stabilizes blood sugar
The content of pectin substances in apple cider vinegar is a type of soluble fiber that helps release glucose slowly into the bloodstream, thus avoiding a sudden surge in glucose.

Suppress appetite
Apple cider vinegar is believed to help suppress appetite and is able to maintain weight loss by destroying fat. Thus, weight loss will happen naturally.

Increasing metabolic rate
Apple cider vinegar is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can help increase the body's metabolic rate.

Functioning diuretic
Apple cider vinegar is an excellent diuretic that can help eliminate toxins in the body. Also treat bloating and good for relieving pain in women who are menstruating.

Against fungal infections

ACV also contains malic acid which is helpful in fighting fungal and bacterial infections. The content of malic acid can also destroy the uric acid deposits that form around joints and good for relieving joint pain.

In order to work optimally usefulness, you simply drop 2-3 teaspoons into a glass of mineral water, juice or mixed salad. Use a straw when drinking to prevent damage to the tooth enamel.