Monday, November 14, 2011

Benefits of Apples to Strengthen Your Heart

The heart is the most important component in the body. Therefore we must keep the heart healthy. Many ways can be done to nourish the heart. For example, regular exercise, not smoking and fatty foods. However, one study found by eating an apple with the skin will become more heart healthy.

Fruit that looks beautiful and fresh it contains a number of nutrients that the body especially the heart. A recent study says eating an apple with the skin will impact more heart healthy and strong

Endotheliun a single cell layer lining the blood vessels and produces nitric oxide. Flavonoids are collectively known as vitamin P and cirtrin, the concentration that existed at the apple skin. This layer gives a different flavor to the fruit.

Nitric oxide signaling to the surrounding muscle to relax, which makes the blood vessels become more fluent blood flow. A study involving healthy volunteers group. They were given an apple without the skin, then an apple with the skin and vice versa. Then observed giving an apple for breakfast and lunch to measure the variation of the flavonoid in the bloodstream.

The results show that flavonoid-rich apples related to nitric oxide production and functions edothelial the factors that affect cardiovascular health. Because it is highly recommended to eat apples with the skin on a regular basis. In order to become more heart healthy and strong.

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