Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

Many people do not know if breakfast can lose weight, including you right?? ;)

Some people consider eliminating the breakfast habits may reduce weight. However, unfortunately it is not the way of an effective diet. Diet to get the ideal body weight is often done by people in a way that is less true. Sometimes people focus on the results of weight loss after diet without regard to whether the correct and healthy way.

Way of an effective diet according to most people is an easy way to do a diet and could soon lose weight. Experts often emphasize that the breakfast is very important and should not be overlooked. Reducing calorie intake can be by choosing foods low in calories or reduce the number of servings to eat without having to skip a meal, including breakfast.

Actually, breakfast in the morning it can really help a person to be able to achieve the desired weight.
Three reasons why breakfast can help you lose weight are:

1. Breakfast start your metabolism

If someone missed the first meal in one day, then the person's metabolism actually slows down to conserve energy. The study shows that, those who eat breakfast regularly can actually lose or maintain weight. Someone who routinely breakfast are also more likely to exercise regularly. So make sure still do eat breakfast, and do so within one hour after waking.

2. Limiting sugar and add more protein and fiber for breakfast

Protein can reduce addiction to candy and other sweet foods. High amount of protein in the popular breakfast choices such as yogurt, cereals, and eggs will provide enough energy. So that would be less likely to consume sweet foods and beverages, and high in calories such as cakes and drinks like coffee.

3. Fiber can be filling and flatten the stomach longer

Cereals made ​​from whole grains, fresh fruits and both are the right choice for breakfast cereals contain high fiber. Fiber not only makes a person feel full longer so that one person's lower keinginanan to snack between meals. Fiber intake in sufficient numbers also reduce bloating associated with constipation, so make your stomach look flatter or not bloated.

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