Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Risk of Wearing Eyelash Extensions

For teen girls, must know eyelash extensions. especially if you're attending a party or everyday work, eyelash extensions must be used. then the lashes will look beautiful and charming. So many types and shapes, make women want to wear it to look beautiful. but did you know, that there are risks and disadvantages when using eyelash extensions.

Well, recently a beauty surgeon, Dr. Bessam Farjo, said that lately he had a lot handling of patients with "bald" in the upper eyelashes due to the use of eyelash extensions. This relates to the use of recent trends lashes, lashes with the double layers. However, Dr Farjo said there are certain conditions that will cause damage to the original lashes.

"Hair loss on the original eyelashes caused by use of eyelash extensions will occur when you use the lashes all day, with double layers, and not release it properly," said Dr. Bessam Farjo.

When you do not properly clean up the adhesive glue, this glue can cause irritation of the eyelids when you sleep. When you want to clean it the next day, eyelashes and real hair around the eyelids will also uprooted some and will eventually ruin your appearance. If you use them properly, and clean it properly, and do not use it all day, then everything will be fine.

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