Monday, November 14, 2011

Apples Can Cause Cavities?

Apple fruit was found to cause cavities. Why did it happen? 
A Study from King's College London Dental Institute stated that not all fruit is good for dental health. Such as apples, natural sugar content in apples can trigger acid levels are dangerous for your teeth.

In addition to apples there are a number of other foods that make trigger damage to the tooth

Apple fruit with a sweet taste can trigger excess acid levels in the mouth that damage teeth. Avoid eating apple with a slow, because during the long process of mastication can trigger acid levels in the mouth more and more and can create cavities. Conversely, if eating apples quickly, the calcium content of apples can help neutralize the acid, and can strengthen bone tissue, including teeth.

Drinks that damage your teeth
Wine, beer, and fruit juices provide four times the risk of tooth decay are higher when consumed regularly. However, fruit juice is still the healthiest drink. So, you can use the straw and pick fresh fruit juice without added sugar.

Brushing teeth after meals
Brush your teeth directly after eating can lead to tooth decay. Because, while eating, acid levels in the mouth can make tooth enamel becomes very vulnerable and fragile. Try to brush your teeth 30 minutes after eating.

Chewing gum
According to Dr. Junket of Boston University, some sugar-free gum, especially those with fruit flavors, contains a fairly high acid levels. These acids will affect enamell teeth, and lead to damage. 

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