Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hymen Can Be Torn Because Hard Shocks

For you women, this article may be helpful. :)

Hymen is is a fold of mucous membrane that covers the door of a woman's vagina lips. He has been there since the baby girl was born. Position is between one or two centimeters from the outer lips of the vagina and follow the form of spherical shape vagina. Then is that true that the hymen can be torn without having sex?

Because there may be a connection with the equestrian sports. However, the activity is quite heavy and requires high stamina is often considered dangerous for women. Until now, there are still many women who are afraid to ride for fear of damaging some of the sex organs, such as tearing the hymen to women who are not married.

"All that is not true, exercise is safe for women," said Rahmat as genitals doctors . Instead he argues, this exercise can actually help women to strengthen the bones around the waist and hips into the muscle belly. This exercise will also help the women to get a slim body shape and fuller. 

Fear of tearing of the hymen when riding a horse probably caused by the shock of the saddle that is too hard, or from falling from a horse. Actually the hymen is not always easily punctured by a sport that is quite heavy, because it actually has some level of the hymen elasticity, that is brittle, elastic, and very elastic.

Rahmat said that the sport is in desperate need of focus, concentration, and high body balance. When all these things have, the possibility of falling from a horse will be more thin. Basically, any activity if not done with proper technique would also be dangerous.  

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