Saturday, March 3, 2012

Consumes Raw Vegetable For Body Health

Consuming raw vegetables? what it's like?
When people told me to eat vegetables raw, I definitely do not want to. Because it must have been very strange taste :) 

But that's what Annette Larkins doing. Lives in Miami-Dade county, Florida, 70 year old Larkins Annete but her face look younger, without wrinkles, healthy fit like 30 years younger than her age.

And when Annette Larkins walked out with her ​​husband of 54 years old, people assume they are father and son. because no one expected that Annette has 70 years of age.

Annette said, he was eating a raw vegan foods nearly all grown in the garden of his home. As an information, diet vegan is different from vegetarian. Pepople who is doing vegetarian diet doesn't consume meat, while people who diet vegan doesn't consume all animal products, including milk and egg.

Annette backyard full of fruits and vegetables. Every corner of the garden has something to eat. Annette also collects rainwater for drinking and watering plants.
"I am very excited and have lots of energy. I woke up at 5:00 every day and ready to do many activities," said Annette Larkins.  
Annette said that she did not eat any animal products. The food does not need to be processed and still raw. Annette also eat fruit and vegetable juice

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