Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Tips to Choosing a Lightening Cream

For you are women, possibly this is good article for you.

In general, Indonesia's women's skin type tends to brown. Why is that? Because caused by more melanin matter content, compared to European. "It is actually normal, because it is a natural process in the body. What is not normal is when the skin turns black due to exposure to the sun for too long, and cause cancer," said Dr. Eddi Karta, GDSS, dermatologist from RSCM, some time ago.

The problem is has always imagined that a beautiful woman is a white woman. As a result, many women in Indonesia who want to turn his skin to white by using bleach products made​​. Actually, the product is not recommended to use bleach to whiten the skin alone, but is recommended for medical reasons that require the use of skin whitening.

But if you do want to have a brighter skin and use a variety of bleaching creams, there are some things it should be used as a reference:

1. Diagnosis. Before determining the type of bleaching creams, consider the diagnosis of skin whitening or analysis needs. Different diagnosis will determine the type of bleaching creams that will be used. 

2. Skin type. Skin type is divided into two parts, the oily and dry skin. This skin type will affect the effectiveness of this type of bleach used. If one choose the type of whitening cream, skin can actually increasing dry or oily. 

3. Formulations. Different skin types, also different types of formulation or base material used bleach. Suitability of the formulation with skin type will also affect the effectiveness of this bleach job. For oily skin, you should avoid using oil-containing bleach. As for the dry skin, choose oils that contain bleach. 

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