Monday, September 5, 2011

Breastfeeding Mothers Have A Bold Nature Of The 10 Levels

Typically, a mother's instinct to protect her son could make the mothers do not feel afraid for a moment. This phenomenon is known as maternal defense. Where maternal defense is more prevalent in the mother bear, lion and deer. For example a mother bear can fight if anyone create a disturbance to their children.  

Maternal defense in humans are not used to fight like a mother animal. But researchers believe, the instinct is useful to reduce stress when the mother must be involved in addressing the problems facing of their children.
Although every woman has instincts like these, each individual level is not the same. Based study, mothers who breast-feed her baby has more courage to protect from interference, than the mother who gives her baby formula.

The researchers proved the influence of breastfeeding on the courage of the mother through an experiment involving 60 women. A total of 30 people is a nursing mother or never breastfed, 30 people just give formula and the remainder had no children. According to the results observed in the experiment showed that breastfeeding mothers have the courage to level 10 levels higher than the mother who just give formula. Compared to the childless, the figure is even bigger ie 12 levels higher.
If there is someone or something that threatened her son, the mothers tend to be protecting with aggressive attitudes.

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