Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do Not Sleep After Eating, Because It Triggers The Risk Of Stroke

Generally  people will be sleepy  and sleep after eating malam. Better given the pause  between 1 to 2 hours because the risk of stroke will be increased if the lag time between meals with sleeping too close.

Better  abdomen were given about 60-70 minutes to digest food, so that  it says could reduce stroke. Any increase in the time interval for 20 minutes, the risk  of stroke was reduced  by about 10 percent.

Research presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress, 2011 involving around 1,000
Britons. A total of 500  people who participated in the  healthy group, 250 people had  a stroke and 250 people have coronary heart sindom.

Meanwhile, a cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic, David  Holmes, MD said if after dinner went to bed can increase the risk of stroke. To be more sure, more specific research needs and a larger number of samples.

"When we were eating, cholesterol changes, changing blood sugar levels, and blood flow changes as well. And all the things that can affect stroke risk," said Dr. Holme.

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