Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chromosome Excess, Can Make The Body Thin

Having a thin body can mean malnutrition, when in fact it has a lot to eat. According to research, some people are just born to thin forever  because it has the advantages of a gene called gene-16.

In general, a person inherits the same gene composition of the parents. But in some people with certain gene could have duplicated that number to 2 times more than normal people.

Research  by scientists from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and Imperial College London in England revealed  that the composition of the gene numbered 16 or  so-called gene-16 can affect to weight. Peope who  have gen duplication about to stay thin although eating a lot of food.

Conversely, in people who lose some of the genes, their weight will be easier to increase despite the same diet with others. As a result, despite diet, the body tends to look fat.

Research involving 95,000 people, the work revealed  that the gene duplication or multiplication of the 16 experienced by 1 in 2,000 people worldwide. In men, this condition increases the risk of underweight by 23-fold and 5-fold in women.

Underweight  or very underweight defined by body mass index (BMI) below  18.5 kg/m2. The opposite of underweight is overweight if the BMI is in the  range 25-29 kg/m2 or obese  if the BMI has exceeded 30 kg/m2.

Besides increasing the risk of underweight, which makes the composition of gene duplication-16 too much too risky trigger microcephalus or shape of the head is too small. Because small head, brain volume is limited so susceptible to nerve damage and  the average life expectancy is shorter.

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