Monday, May 14, 2012

Things That Cause Hard To Lose Weight

Everyone would like to slim body. but in fact, losing weight is not something easy. General balance of nutrition and healthy lifestyle such as exercising to lose weight. There are several reasons that make people difficult to lose weight : 

1. Have a low resting metabolic rate and high metabolic efficiency
If the resting metabolic rate is low, the body will consume fewer calories, whereas the efficiency of your metabolism will burn fewer calories while moving. This condition makes a person difficult to lose weight.

2. Female sex
Percentage of
women have a higher body fat than men, and more often save the excess weight in the hips, legs and buttocks. Whereas males contain more muscle burns calories even more than fat tissue. In addition men are known to have a better ability to suppress hunger when presented some foods, thereby reducing the desire to eat

3. Mothers consuming high-fat diet during pregnancy
Several earlier studies
showed if pregnant women eat foods high in fat it will affect the fat cells that form, weight and health status of a developing fetus, regardless of whether pregnant women are fat or thin.

4. Less sleep
Condition of the body that sleep deprivation can alter gastrointestinal hormones.Lack of sleep also makes control hunger is reduced, making it difficult to lose weight

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