Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Healthy Habits For Penis Strong And Tight

Although it does not really matter to women, but this article may be useful for the men.

For teens, may not be a problem when asked about the ability of erectile. But imagine if you are aged 50-60 years, would still get an erection? Though erectile dysfunction that can infect you when you are elderly caused by blockage of an artery from your youth. Basically, an erection depends on blood flow to the penis. But when an artery narrowed by cholesterol deposits that contain lots of atherosclerotic plaque, blood flow in the penis is reduced and the penis can not erect.

Harvard scientists conducted a study of 31 742 middle-aged men for 14 years and finding that erectile dysfunction is caused due to unhealthy lifestyles. Here are 4 healthy lifestyle that you must pay attention to improving your sex life :

1. Doing Regular Exercise 
Exercise is essential for healthy arteries and blood flow to the penis. Exercise can lower cholesterol, which minimizes deposits (plaque) in artery walls narrow to increase blood flow.

2. Reduce Eat Meat, Cheese and Junk Food. Eat lots of Fruits and Vegetables
Meat, cheese and junk food containing high levels of saturated fat. Such as cholesterol, fat can narrow the arteries, and can restrict blood flow to the penis. Whereas fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant nutrients that reduce plaque and improve arterial blood flow.

3. Lose Weight
According to the Harvard study, men with obesity are prone to erectile dysfunction and weight loss can improve erectile function

4. Stop Smoking
Smoking accelerates the growth of plaque that can narrow the arteries. A study in the New England Research Institutes in Watertown indicate that smoking may double the risk of erectile dysfunction affected


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