Friday, April 6, 2012

Put Off Hunger By Eating Almond Bean

I just know that almonds could actually help prevent hunger, huhWould you like to eat almonds? For people with diabetes, it is prohibited too much eating. Why? Because if you eat too much, would increase blood sugar.

Almonds can prevent it, because the food is good enough to hold off hunger and also suitable to be eaten as a diet menu. Judging from the low glycemic index, including almonds foods that are digested slowly in the digestive tract. The lower the glycemic index, the increase in blood sugar levels will rise more slowly, making it safe for diabetics.

Rice and other carbohydrate sources that have a high glycemic index tend to be digested and absorbed more quickly. In addition to spike blood sugar levels are higher, these properties also make the stomach more quickly so feel hungry again.

Low glycemic index foods such as almonds useful when I have to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels as in patients with diabetes, or who are restricting calories such as diet. Nature that could delay hunger makes food is highly recommended.

For people with diabetes, benefits of almonds have been proved by Prof. Richard Mattes from Purdua University in Indiana, United States. By entering natural almonds breakfast menu of the patient, hunger does not come so quickly to avoid overeating.

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