Sunday, August 7, 2011

9 ill-effects of abortion

Not the least danger behind the act of abortion. If not forced, for example mother's life is threatened, abortion should not be done. 9 ill-effects of abortion are:

1. The mother's life is threatened. Deaths from abortion can be caused by several things. Which mainly is bleeding that occurs when there is the baby left inside the uterus. The greater the age of newborn babies, the greater the possibility of bleeding.

2. Infection of the womb. Infections that are not content to kill, especially if the bacteria can continue malignant. But now many women who have had abortions be infected oviduct. Perhaps due to the propagation of infection from the uterine cavity with the oviduct, either left or right.

3. Difficult to get pregnant again. Usually women who had abortions difficult to become pregnant because of the oviduct cling to each other due to infection.

4. Abnormal Placenta. The placenta is attached over the damaged lining of the uterus can grow abnormally, or becomes abnormal, not in the usual place.

5. Risk of cervical cancer. Women who have abortions are at greater risk of cervical cancer taxable than women who do not have an abortion.

6. Risk of Breast Cancer. Women who had abortions two times greater risk of developing breast cancer than women who do not have an abortion. This may occur due to hormonal disorder of the body.

7. Torn cervix. May occur, if abortion is too coarse, the cervix becomes torn.

8. Perforated uterus. With the aging of gestation, the uterus lining gets thinner. Thin uterine wall easily broken due to equipment operation.

9. Anniversary Syndrome of mental disorders. Many women who had abortions, his soul becomes abnormal. There is a type of woman who does not easily forget the incident that made him feel guilty. In such a type of woman, most likely experiencing anniversary syndrome. Namely, always recalled the events that lead to guilt and sinful.

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