Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Orchestral Players Use Chewing Gum To Protect The Ear From Damage

 Play music  for hours to make the orchestra musicians susceptible to ear damage. There are many ways you can do to prevent this, one of whom insisted on chewing gum and wearing earplugs. Play music  for hours make the orchestra musicians susceptible to ear damage. Various  attempts were made, including telling the musicians to wear earmuffs and chewing gum

The musicians  have a greater risk than the audience. The audience becomes more  relaxed when listening to classical music performances, the musicians can actually stress of noise for too long.

The BBC Orchestra has recently issued guidelines  for the health of orchestra players,  to reduce the risk of ear damage due to stress. Hopefully this guide will be applied by all managers  orchestral groups throughout the UK.

Within  the guidelines say that the sound trombone and trumpet (both are wind instruments) in an orchestra can match the noise level that is  92 decibels chainsaw. Can be at risk for tinnitus or ringing in the ears if listened to continuously without a protector.

3 hours of orchestra playing, the horn players (a type of trumpet-shaped circular) noise  exposure is equivalent to the sound the engine that burns for 30 minutes. Oboe players  (a type of flute) to listen to the noise equivalent sound underground for 1 hour.

The risk of  ear damage caused by stress can be prevented by chewing gum,  in addition to using the  earmuffs.

The violinist, biolin  and the like can feel the other benefits of chewing gum. Injury to the jaw often experienced musicians who play stringed instrument as pinching his instrument between the chin and neck.

More relaxed  when the jaw to chew gum, so it is not easy to experience pain and stiffness. As a result, the stress level  is reduced, so the risk of damage to the ear, jaw  and more general health disorders can be anticipated.

In addition to ear damage, other risks are increased blood pressure,  decreased immune and metabolic changes. And as for music, adrenaline orchestra players to change to a position that is very depressed and unhealthy.

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