Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flavour therapy for dieting

Tongue was closely linked with smell. For example, if we got flu, the tongue did not taste good. So, if the sense of smell is compromised, your appetite will be disrupted.

Smells relate directly to the brain, emotions and creativity. Normally if the smell can remind us of something. It means we can set our minds through the smells, including regulating appetite. The smell of bananas, apples, and mint, for example, proved to be effective to curb appetite. They have a distinctive aroma that signals satiety to the brain gives us so that our appetite was reduced.

For inhalation scent effectively, sit relaxed. Close one nostril and inhale the smell of bananas, apples, or mint for 2 minutes. Then, do the same with the other hole. After that, breathe the scent with both the nose. The same could also do with tea-flavored bananas, apples, or mint. After brewing the tea, breathe steam tea in the same way. Then drinking tea warm. For more effectiveness, do not add sugar.

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