Sunday, August 28, 2011

Healthy Living

Health is an investment. Sometimes we forget about health, but after illness befall us realize that health is important. Diet and lifestyle affect our health. proved that there are many diseases, caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Today, many developed countries to implement tips for healthy living, as well as to prevent cancer. The following are some tips on healthy living, and prevent cancer :

* Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains such as tempe, tofu and foods that contain lots of fiber. At least one or two times a day to consume green vegetables and fruits.

* Adjust your diet to avoid obesity. Avoid foods that contain caffeine and high fat.

* Be very careful with artificial sweeteners. Better use of natural sweeteners. The best food is fresh food.

* Do not consume too much food or beverages that contain alcohol and cigarettes.

* Regular exercise can prevent the disease, either mental or spiritual.

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