Monday, August 29, 2011

Between Coffee And Pistachio Nuts That No Risk Of Insomnia

Many people drink coffee after complaining heart palpitations and insomnia insomnia alias. Rather than bother to make decaffeinated coffee, the researchers advised to make copies of Pistachio Nuts. Decaffeinated coffee or decaffeinated coffee is usually made ​​to get the aroma of coffee, but do not have to feel the side effects. Different from the coffee resulting in insomnia.

If the sterilizing of caffeine were coffee, coffee prices will be more expensive. as a means to sterilize the process too expensive. Also according to some experts, decaffeinated coffee was never really 100 percent free of caffeine.

The most appropriate solution for those who want to feel the pleasure of drinking coffee without having palpitations eventually found in a study at York University. The researchers looked at the content of Pistachio Nuts, and concluded that the beans can be used as raw material healthy coffee.

Nuts Pisthacio from plant Pistacia terebinthus is typical of grains that are easily found in various parts of the middle east. Bean seed that looks like almonds are often used as snacks and souvenirs typical of Arab lands.

In his research, experts from York University to use this bean as a substitute for coffee beans. Same processing process that is heated at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius for 10-20 minutes, then ground and brewed with hot water such as coffee in general.

Content analysis showed the compound to the results of steeping, most of the compounds present in coffee brew aroma Nuts Pistachios so more or less the same. The difference, steeping beans do not contain caffeine, so free from the risk can not sleep.

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