Monday, August 29, 2011

Benefits of Exercise When Making Love

Love sports and have many similarities, among others, took power and physical endurance are truly excellent. Despite all the exercise useful, there are several movements that specifically improve the quality of sex. Two principal factors in sports or sex that may affect the movements: the power and durability. The power needed for each movement became more powerful, while the cardiovascular and respiratory endurance makes no fatigue while performing repetitive movements.

In men and women, exercise habits greatly affect the strength and physical endurance during sex. The more often you exercise, the more physically fit and powerful that it will be very supportive to have sex quality.

Some movement in a sport that can improve strength and physical endurance during sex are as follows:
1. Push ups Sports movement is most useful when having sex is the push-ups, because this movement involves so many muscles in the body. Not only the arms, stomach and shoulders are strong because the diligent will greatly facilitate push-ups while doing variations of the style of lovemaking.
2. Squat Movement squat or squat-stand the repeated greatly help strengthen the thigh muscles and surrounding areas. In addition to making hip movements become more forceful, hormonal activity in the area also increased due to be triggered by high energy metabolism.
3. Bench press If often done, bench press or lifting barbells in a lying position may strengthen as well as forming the shoulder and arm muscles. For some women, this section will look more sexy when to contract and then impressed solid and muscular.
4. Cardio Movements cardio endurance exercise such as jogging, swimming and cycling will make your heart rate and breathing is more stable so it does not quickly struggling. Another benefit is the circulation more smoothly, so that the distribution of hormones and other compounds necessary for great sex will be more smoothly.

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