Friday, August 12, 2011

Prevent tuberculosis with food

 Tuberculosis or TB is a disease caused by bacteria and mainly the lungs, although it can also spread into the circulatory system or other body parts. Symptoms of TB that often arise, including difficulty breathing, chest pain, weight decreased drastically, and can be accompanied by severe coughing blood, fever, night sweats and swollen glands.
If Tuberculosis is detected,avoid eating foods such as:

 - Saturated fatty and oily foods such as fried foods. Solution: Choose foods that are grilled, steamed, boiled, and sauteed.
- Trans fatty acids such as kukis, cakes, crackers, shortening and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Solution: Replace snacks with fruits. Choose foods low in fat and high in protein.
- Carbohydrates refinasi such as flour and sugar. Solution: Replace with high-fiber foods like whole wheat bread, vegetables, honey, and fruit.
- Caffeine and alcohol. Solution: Replace with water, fresh juice, low-fat milk, and green tea.

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