Saturday, August 13, 2011

10 tips on how to lower high blood pressure

1. Lose weight. If you are overweight, the solution is to lose weight to achieve a potent high blood pressure. And this has proven an average blood pressure can drop one point in the systolic and diastolic pressure for each 1 kg weight loss.

2. Do exercises like walking. From the results of the study stated, regular aerobic exercise, such as roads, cycling, swimming, and similar to it, can lower blood pressure as much as 4 to 5 points.

3. Be Aware of eat fat. The conclusions of some studies suggest, saturated fat intake (commonly found in red meat), though-processed milk and other foods that can leave the blood pressure. And polyunsaturated fats (commonly found on products from plants such as corn oil) can lower blood pressure.

4. Knowing your blood pressure.

5. Beware of KB pills.

6. Reduce salt consumption.

7. Steaming vegetables.

8. Beware of slimming drug.

9. Choose fast food wisely. Fast food mostly contains sodium and fat in high levels, so beyond our need for sodium and fat.

10. Eliminate the smoking habit. From studies of cigarette addict, smoking can decrease the efficacy of some drugs lowering high blood pressure.

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