Monday, October 24, 2011

Know the sign of the body is overeating

Who often eat too much? You would have said "yes, often" .. hehe ;)

Remember, eating too much is not good for the body. But because you do not realize it, then you eat too much food. Especially when good food such as spaghetti, seafood, steaks. Who would not want to?

Generally you do not know for sure whether the amount of food intake are as required or not, because it is difficult to measure it so sometimes you still eat even though their needs are met. Although no definite size, but it still can be known through the feelings of each person. Therefore to know what are the signs that appear when you are overeating :

  • Soon began to feel bloated after eating
  • Feel uncomfortable after eating, when food should bring a sense of satisfaction 
  • Stomach feel full so there is a sensation felt like vomiting
  • Feeling lazy and sleepy immediately after eating, sometimes even feel like lying in bed   

Now that's some signs that your body is overeating. Then why your body can eat too much? There are several conditions that cause, among others: 

    1. Stress, because there are certain foods that contain carbohydrates can have a calming effect the brain and stress hormones suppress.

    2. Habits, some people will overeat because it was his habit like that. So difficult to change.

    3. Brain dysfunction, a condition in which brain receptors failed to receive satiety signals sent by the stomach.

    So what happens when you overeat?

    Overeating can lead to risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease.

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