Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reasons why you should wear a condom when having sex?

Hmm, maybe if asked in person you would say "never use a condom, is not it?" :)

Probably because you did not know the importance of using condoms when having sex. Mostly because you are lazy to use a condom, for men may be afraid to reduce sensation during sex. They say, it bothered to wear a condom. While many women still shy to ask their partners to wear condoms.

Although often overlooked, but there are three broad reasons why you should use a condom during sexual intercourse, namely:

1. For birth control so they can avoid unwanted pregnancies.
2. To protect themselves against sexually transmitted

diseases or sexually transmitted infections.
3. As an additional protective or other backup method of birth are used (eg forgot to take birth control pills).

This is because the condom is one method of contraception or birth control (even for sterilization) which can be obtained easily and has a nearly 100 percent effectiveness rate. Most people who have sexually transmitted infections do not know that he was infected. So you may not realize that infected sexual disease, the absence of symptoms that appear so without realizing that can pass the infection to others. To gain the maximum benefit of condoms, should you use it right and proper. Always check the expiration date and put a condom on the penis before sexual contact with a partner.

So, remember! always use a condom every time having sex to avoid contracting infectious diseases, okay  ;)

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