Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For those of you who often feel back pain, doing yoga and stretching

Do you often pain in the back?

The impact of lack of exercise and sitting the wrong patterns often result in pain in your back. So you must know how to handle it.

The new study found that while the yoga classes regularly, can reduce back pain. Moreover, if the patient also stretching regularly attend classes. The researchers concluded that participants who followed the two classes for 3 months had fewer symptoms and can function properly.

In this study the researchers involved 228 adults who have back pain. Then divided into several groups, namely the group given the practice of yoga and
stretching classes and groups are only given a book about the sport to reduce pain and suggestions for a good lifestyle.

After 3 months, the group who do yoga and stretching have a better symptomatic improvement, and consume less pain medication than non-sporting group. Another important thing one should do exercises that can be liked or enjoyed, because then he could maintain his motivation to continue to exercise

So, why wait longer? Come practice yoga ;)   

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