Friday, October 28, 2011

The steps in Controlling Diabetes

You must know what is diabetes? Yes,

Diabetes is a disease where the body can not produce insulin (a hormone regulator of blood sugar) or insufficient insulin or the insulin produced does not work properly. Therefore it will cause blood sugar increases when examined.

There are two main types of diabetes are :

Diabetes Type 1
A state where the body was completely unable to produce the hormone insulin. So patients must use insulin injections to regulate blood sugar. Most of the sufferers are children & adolescents.

Diabetes Type 2
Occurs because the body does not produce enough insulin or because insulin can not be used properly (insulin resistance). This type is the most sustained current (90% more), often occurs in those aged over 40 years, obese and have a family history of diabetes.

Then, how do I prevent diabetes?  

For people with diabetes type 1 and type 2, is essential for planning meals and exercise. For Type 1 diabetes and some Type 2 diabetes, insulin injections are needed as well. For most people with Type 2 diabetes, oral medication is required (oral medication) to help the body to make more insulin or help make insulin work better.

Persons with diabetes are encouraged to control regularly to the doctor. The doctor will give explanations about diabetes and its control, dietary adjustments, exercise, complications can occur and drugs or insulin should be used.

Patients also need to check blood sugar levels regularly and pass the examination of blood and urine periodically, including HbA1c (blood sugar picture in the last 3 months), mikroalbumin urine (leakage of protein in urine), cholesterol profile, kidney function, liver, and so on.

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